Laurent GUY

Complete skier in classic skiing (slalom, tricks and jump) as well as wakeboard and barefoot. World level competitor in slalom and European level in wakeboard. Holder of the state certificate of water-skiing, the boat license and the Baby Skis patent. Coach of teams from France and Italy, coaches of the Italian Handi team. Coach in many ski schools: France, Italy, Florida... Coach of the initiation to the high level competitor.

Brigitte LETHEM

Member of the French water ski team: 1999-2009. Winner of the US Masters 2004, 3rd in 2002 and 4th in 2003. Vice World Champion by Team 2001, 4th in tricks, Italy. TOP 3 World 2004 in tricks. Holder of the state certificate of water-skiing and the boat license. Coaching of junior Team internships and high level competitors. Training at the University of Lyon in STAPS (science and technique of physical and sports activities).

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